Our Relationship to Clutter and How it Affects Feng Shui

In this class you'll learn how to see clutter from a Feng Shui state of mind, understand your relationship to it and how learning a new point of view helps you fix it!

This course is different than anything you've taken before. Rather than approaching clutter control from a nuts and bolts approach, asking you to be logical and logistical about organization, this course attacks it through the 5 elements. By understanding what real clutter is and why we hang onto it we can see its more about our personal Chi and not merely an act of being lazy. Each one of us has an elemental make-up that is unique to us and it carries a constitution of traits and personality that either make us love organization, hate it, or feel indifferent about it. Through the elemental quiz, included in this course, you'll learn what you are, what clutter represents to you, and how to be proactive with empowering Feng Shui tools to fix it!

1 Video that includes 7 concepts on what clutter is, why we hang onto it, side effects it causes to your health, and how your elemental makeup is the key ingredient to getting it right.

1 Video that is a Quickstart guide to a tool called the Bagua Map to show you where you tend to accumulate clutter the most, and what life area it may be affecting.

1 Audio that includes 13 ways to cultivate your Chi daily to keep your personal Chi strong and healthy.

3 eBooks that include the elemental test, what each of the element personalities are, and the quintessential Feng Shui tool to help you discover where you are cluttered most, and how it's showing up in your life. 

What's Included

7 key concepts to clutter and Feng Shui (video)

Bagua Map Basics (video)

13 ways to cultivate your Chi (audio)

3 Feng Shui eBooks