Elevate Yourself VIP Membership

A circle of like-minded individuals is not a luxury, it is essential to emotional and spiritual health. Our circle is sacred, private and warm. Each month Master healers Amy Wray and Amanda Gates choose a theme to help you raise your Chi and elevate your consciousness. We'll teach you new ways to define who you truly are. We will teach you how to Care for your Self to elevate your Chi, Educate your Self to raise your consciousness, and Elevate your Self to be your best every damn day.

Our mission with Elevate is to bring together a virtual circle of conscious women to learn, grow, and elevate so that together we can rise to our highest potential.

We have two levels:

The Facebook Group is FREE to join. Contact us here to join.

Elevate YourSelf VIP Membership see below for all that is included.

A sister circle is not a luxury.

 It is essential to emotional and spiritual health.

Together let's elevate as the sisters we are because behind every strong woman is a shit ton of dope ass women supporting her, celebrating her and helping her rise!

We know our own power. And when we create a circuit of energy with other loving and conscious women, we magnify the nurturing, the healing, the grace, the freedom, the creativity, and the love our lives stand for. 

We support all noble endeavors for all our sisters in whatever ways we can assist her in the midwifery of her fondest dreams. Our mission with Elevate is to fulfill your needs.

  • A need to be witnessed without being managed or rescued. 
  • To feed the hunger for ritual that honors the presence of the Divine Feminine. 
  • To heal and transform from the inside out.

For some women their only opportunity to connect is via an online community. 

  1. Our circle is sacred. 

We come to our circle with love, consciousness, honor, and respect. We are women of integrity and honor. We speak her truth fearlessly and lovingly. 

2.  Our circle is private.

Truth is paramount in a sister circle. Women in our circle are invited to share their personal challenges and heartaches. Whatever is revealed in our circle is held in the strictest confidence by all members.

3.  Our circle is warm.

We create the hearth, through love and nurturing, and an inner circle that all thriving beings need. Women don’t have enough support and we need to rectify this and bring safety, healing, light, and warmth to women’s lives that all our sisters become fully realized and supported in our love. It's time to be seen and heard in a safe and loving environment.

If you've never had the opportunity to sit in circle with conscious, supportive women you've never had the opportunity to truly speak your truth, to truly be heard. A circle honors your voice, your feelings, your wisdom and celebrates who you are without being diluted and tamed. 

Perhaps you've been told:

  • you're just too much
  • you're too loud
  • you're too opinionated
  • you're too smart
  • you're too pretty
  • you're not pretty enough
  • you're not smart enough
  • or women just don't do that

Whatever the story is that repeats within you is not your truth. It's the untold story from the biography of your life that is said in your own words, that matters.

That is how we Elevate Together

Each month Master healers Amy Wray and Amanda Gates will choose a theme to help you rise. 

To teach you new ways to define who you truly are. 

How to 

Care for your self to elevate your Chi,

Educate your self to raise your consciousness,

Elevate your self to be your best every damn day.

Are you ready to RISE? Let's do this!

What's included in Elevate VIP

  • Monthly Topic Introduction - new area of focus each month that builds from the previous month. These topics will teach you how to raise your vibe and cultivate your Chi
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • (1x per month) LIVE video lesson introduction by Amanda or Amy
  • Occasional Expert Interviews - relevant to the topic that month
  • Ceremonies, Worksheets and educational eBooks released each month focusing on Feng Shui, Chi and Reiki
  • Seasonal Celebrations

Still unsure? If you're serious about wanting to improve your health and well-being, we are committed to offering our expertise to you to help you rise - no strings attached. Email us that you're interested and we will email you the first months eBooks, for FREE.

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Who are Amanda and Amy?

Amy Wray 

A soul sister whose numerology makes her a 27, Amy vibrates to the planet Mars. She's full of intellect, imagination, courage and healing powers. Her strongest attribute as a healer is that she can penetrate straight to the heart of a situation and with her, what you see is what you get! She is a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and an essential oil expert. A true humanitarian to her core, her first instinct is to give, grow and elevate others.

Amanda Gates

A soul sister who's numerology makes her a 6, Amanda vibrates to the planet Venus. She embodies feminine essence, compassion and love. Her strongest attribute as a healer is to encourage others to live harmoniously by teaching them to cultivate their personal Chi and enhance their environment through Feng Shui. Deeply attached to Nature, her greatest love is to spend time with Elder trees, and Nature Spirits. She is an advanced Feng Shui practitioner, intuitive and healer. Through her altruistic approach to life, and empathic nature her instinct is to teach, expand and elevate others.

What's Included

Defining Your Earth Chakra 1.1

Activating Your Earth Chakra 2.1

Connecting with Earth Chakra 3.1

Defining your Root Chakra 4.1

Activating Your Roots 5.1

Connecting with your Roots 6.1

Enhancing Vision 7.1

Letting Go 8.1

Defining Your Sacral 9.1

Activating your Sacral 10.1

Entertaining for the Holidays using Feng Shui

The art of true gift-giving