Feng Shui for beginners - The Top 5 Disruptors™

A Feng Shui class for beginners that teaches you the basics of Feng Shui, and gives you a starting point with my proprietary system, the Top 5 Disruptors™ to guarantee you get the energy right!

An online Feng Shui class for beginners that teaches you the basics. Learn about:

*Feng Shui tools like the Bagua map and how to use them

*How to read a floor plan

*The top 5 Disruptors™ screwing up your Shui

*Learn what the Top 5 disruptors™ mean to your health and well-being

*How to start wielding energy in a powerful way to gain positive Feng Shui results

This course includes 2 videos taught by advanced practitioner Amanda Gates and two workbooks.

What's Included

Feng Shui 101 - The Basics

Feng Shui workbooks

Thank you for the energy fixes on my house. My workers are all showing up and are top quality work in a timely manner! Finished painting the main level and when I walk in it feels like a warm hug. No other way to describe it. My husband is sleeping better and his health is better. I am amazed and appreciative that the ceremonies have all worked! Thank you again for your insight and help! Doing so much better – thank you! — Linda S, Retired