How to Remove Negative Energy with Feng Shui

Our home's need to be cleansed regularly. Conversations, emotions, and daily events that take place in our homes, and offices, leave behind residual energy. As time goes by your home can feel dense and make it hard to breathe. It can also change your mood in an instant. How to remove negative energy with Feng Shui principles will teach you the principles of Chi, how to know when things are off and how to fix it!

I hold various workshops every month to teach you the principles of Feng Shui. Most are listed on Eventbrite, but you can also purchase here. If you have any questions reach out to the Gates team, here.

Course description

How to remove negative energy May 17th 6:30 PM

  • Principles of Chi, what it is and how it can change your mood and well-being in an instant
  • Techniques for cultivating your personal Chi daily and understanding how and where you may be holding negative Chi, which gets deposited throughout your home
  • How to see and determine where energy blocks may be in your home, affecting your health
  • How to wield energy in a powerful way and become an energy ninja for dramatic energy shifts
  • Group meditation that teaches you how to calibrate your Chi daily

Feng Shui 101: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times April 26th, 6:30 PM

  • Feng Shui basics. A simple explanation of what it is, how to use it, how it benefits you and why it matters
  • Nuts and Bolts - basic energy principles that help you understand energy
  • Chi principles - what exactly is Chi? 
  • Energy principles - The missing link that makes Feng Shui really work like, ceremonies, altars and more.
  • A Feng Shui homework assignment that you'll be able to implement immediately that will invite in more opportunities.

What's Included

Tools and tips on how to remove negative energy from your home or office May 17th

Feng Shui 101 Basics for beginners April 26th

Thank you for the energy fixes on my house. My workers are all showing up and are top quality work in a timely manner! Finished painting the main level and when I walk in it feels like a warm hug. No other way to describe it. My husband is sleeping better and his health is better. I am amazed and appreciative that the ceremonies have all worked! Thank you again for your insight and help! Doing so much better – thank you! — Linda S, Retired