Mastering Feng Shui

Feng Shui can seem complicated, right? With so much information out there how do you cut through the BS and make sense of it all? This course will help you learn everything you need to know to put it to work for you, and actually fast track your results.**General Enrollment OPEN NOW**

**General Enrollment OPEN NOW**

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Feng Shui can seem complicated, right? With so much information out there how do you cut through the nonsense and put it to work? How do you understand it all? 

My advanced course, Mastering Feng Shui with Confidence™ will help you cut to the chase and learn everything you need to know to put it to work for you, and actually understand it. Learn how to understand energy in a 'non woo' way, read floor plans to increase health, money, and love, boost your garden, and my top 9 adjustments to properly align energy in your home for kick-ass transformation!

This course will help you cut to the chase and learn everything you need to know about energy to put it to work for you, and actually understand it!

Mastering Feng Shui with Confidence™ is the first of its kind. It's an online teaching experience that teaches you Feng Shui beyond the misconception that it's just moving furniture around or making your home pretty. This course teaches you how to get real results.

You believe in living a rich, full, healthy lifestyle. But lately, things haven’t felt so full, have they? 

You've probably tried a lot of different things. And yet nothing seems to be working, no matter how hard you try.

You work hard and show up for everyone else but you’re still feeling overwhelmed, tired, and beyond frustrated.  

Let’s face it:  You’re not as happy as you could be.  

Maybe there’s that one area of your life that is feeling heavy, cluttered, tight, and the more you try to “figure it out” the worse it feels. 

The worse you feel. 

OR maybe it’s not just one thing but EVERYTHING seems to be off, wrong, and contributing to the overall funk you feel but are too embarrassed to talk about because  - after all -  you’ve got it pretty good, right? 

But in truth, this isn’t really what you signed up for in life.

You may be experiencing 

  • Going to a soul-sucking job that makes you want to scream. 
  • Living in a city that you detest
  • A physical illness that is wreaking havoc on your body and making everything seem difficult
  • The ever-mounting pile of debt, from surprise tax bills to just the cost of living every day
  • Feeling fatigued, unsatisfied, restless, and stuck
  • The trouble with the most important relationships in your life and it’s killing you emotionally

Many people are feeling like you.

 In fact, 78% of the population in the world is living in fear, worry, and doubt.

  I can assure you the solution isn’t to try harder, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, or ignore these feelings.

Everything is energy and connected. Everything. Even the way you’re feeling right now is as much a result of energy as your circumstances.

The good news is you can learn how to make a seismic shift in the flow of energy in your favor.  

This is called real Feng Shui.

Wait. What? 

Most people think Feng Shui is just removing clutter or moving furniture around.  

It's Not.

Real Feng Shui is one of the most powerful forces available to us 

as we seek more happiness and fulfillment in our lives. 

Imagine waking up each day feeling 

  • More energy than you have had in years, ready to take on the world
  • Suddenly discovering an extra way to bring in $50k with ease (yes it’s possible!)
  • So in love with your kids, your partner, and those who are important to you that you are amazed your relationships can feel this fun, exciting, and happy
  • Total peace, ease, and fulfillment from your new dream job
  • A job offer to move to the city of your dreams
  • Finally becoming pregnant after wrestling with infertility for years

On a deeper level, what if you could enhance your life, lower or rid yourself of stressors and create a sense of balance that the entire world 

seems to be starving for?


  • You deserve balance.  
  • You’re worthy of health. 
  • You deserve happiness. 
  • You’re worthy of wealth. 

That’s the exact reason I created Mastering Feng Shui with Confidence™. To provide you with the tools you need to go from where you are now to a total transformation in your life - happier and healthier than you ever thought possible. 

Mastering Feng Shui with Confidence™ will help you cut to the chase 

and learn everything you need to know to put real Feng Shui to work for you.


By combining the best of the best in virtual learning including

 How-To instructional videos, ebooks, and meditations you will:


Learn how to 

  • Understand energy in a nonwoo way, 
  • Read floor plans to increase health, money, and love
  • Use the top 9 adjustments to properly align energy in your home for kick-ass transformation.


Ready to get started making your dreams possible?

Next Enrollment Fall 2021

The Breakdown 

Every module has what you need to set yourself up for success in all areas of your life. 

All modules come complete with multiple how-to instructional videos along with access to ebook guides and meditations that support your learning experience. 


Module 1: Mind, Body, Spirit Alignment 

Before you can learn to work with Feng Shui you must do a bit of adjusting to your personal energy, your Chi.

As a result of Module 1, you will jump right into understanding your personal energy better understanding your mind, body, spirit connection.  

Time and time again our clients share that this module is their absolute favorite and is what allows them to unlock the doors to create what they want in life. 

What we cover in this Module is the missing ingredient in most Feng Shui education.  

You cannot create more of anything positive without learning what is covered in Module 1.  It’s the building block of everything positive in your life.  


Building Blocks - 5 Key Concepts to Energy

- Above and Below the Cross Emotions™

- What is a Honey Haven™ Home

- Cultivating Personal Chi

- Home Numerology and why it matters

- Energy Crystals

plus eBooks, a book resource guide, video's and a meditation


Module 2: Mind, Body, Spirit Alignment Part 2


A deep dive into your mind is what we will cover in Module 2.  Imagine the mind as a computer that you only know how to use at a beginner level.  After week 2 you will understand how to use your mind the way experts do to get more of what you want out of life. 

What you learn here allows you to serve yourself in the best possible way and to create a beacon of light that attracts money, health, and happiness.  Seriously. Why would you not want this?!


 Building Blocks - 4 Concepts to Cultivating Self

- Closer look at a healthy mindset and what that has to do with Feng Shui

- Cultivating a Honey Heart™

- Intention and its importance to getting kickass Feng Shui results

- Cultivating true Self Care to fine-tune your magical Feng Shui instrument

plus eBooks, video's and a meditation


Module 3: Nuts & Bolts Of Feng Shui

You are now ready to begin to understand the foundations of Feng Shui. 

 You get the tools to begin to build your Feng Shui house.

Building Blocks - 5 key concepts of Feng Shui Principles

- Emotional body

- Yin and yang

- Bagua Map

- Environmental Chi

- 5 Element theory

plus eBooks, and video's 


Module 4: Bagua Map & The 5 Elements of Personal Chi

We cover so much in Module 4 that it’s broken down into two separate units. 

First, you learn how to read the Bagua Map. Think of this as your personal roadmap to better understand your house and all that goes on inside of it.  


This is the beginning of ridding yourself of toxic 

  • Relationships
  • People
  • Experiences


In module 4, Unit 2 you'll take a deep dive into your personality traits like never before.  You’re going to fully understand how to better work with others and what you need to get respect and love in your life. 

Unit 1 -  The Bagua Map, a closer look

- What it is

- How to use it

- What a gua is

- What each gua means

- Why it matters


Unit 2  - Personal Chi and the 5 elements

- What the five elements are

- How the characteristics affect personality

- How to better communicate understanding the elements 

- How to determine what your elemental make up is and why it matters

plus videos and eBooks


Module 5: Floor Plan Readings Demystified 

This is where you actually learn how to dissect and read a floor plan.  Imagine being able to look at a floor plan so that you can understand what you’re attracting and what is preventing abundance in your life. YES! That will be available to you as a result of this module.


Unit 1 - The Top 5 disruptors™ screwing up your Feng Shui

- What they are

- How they affect you

- What can show up as a result and how it influences your life goals

- The bigger picture when reading a floor plan

- Why it matters 


Unit 2 - Floor plans

- How to read a floor plan

- What to look for in a floor plan

- How to read a floor plan with the Top 5 Disruptors™ in mind

plus videos and eBooks


Module 6:  Mudras and Mantra's, Nature Spirits and Extending your Shui to the Garden

Another module is broken down into 2 units so that you have everything you need to better understand how to extend Feng Shui into your garden spaces and a deeper dive into all things spiritual with mudras and mantras to boost your energy work tenfold!


Unit 1 - Garden Feng Shui and Nature Spirits

- How to Feng Shui your garden

- Best plants to boost your Feng Shui environment

- Nature Spirits: What they are and how to increase the energy of your garden and home with them


Unit 2 - Mudras and Mantras to Boost your energy work

- What a mudra is

- What a mantra is

- Why we use them and how they benefit your Feng Shui toolbox

- Why it matters in your Feng Shui work

plus videos and eBooks


Module 7: Everyday Floor Plan Adjustments

Module 7 teaches you to use everyday items to make adjustments to fix the disturbances in your floor plan.  It’s not enough to just read floor plans. After this module, you will have the knowledge to actually change the flow of energy and attract more of what you want as a result of this weeks' learning!


You will learn 

How to Design with Energy in mind - The top 9 adjustments

- Chandeliers

- Wallpaper

- Using color

- Lights

- Mirrors

- Windchimes

- Fountains

- Plants

- Art

plus videos and eBooks


Module 8: Real-World Application


By this time you will have opened the doors to an entirely new world of possibility.  But it’s all useless without the tools to apply this to your everyday life. 

Module 8 is your personal how-to so that you can actually use this ancient art and science of Feng Shui in your everyday life or business to create more of what you want. 


Bringing it all together, what have we learned and how do I actually put it into practice?

- Recap of everything we’ve learned

- How to utilize energy in a powerful way

- Disruptors of Feng Shui 

- How to effectively read a floor plan 

- How to boost our gardens

- How to use everything to change our Feng Shui in a positive and transformative way

plus videos and eBooks

     Next Enrollment Fall 2021

Mastering Feng Shui with Confidence™ will help you cut to the chase and learn everything you need to know to put energy to work for you, and actually understand it. 

Mastering Feng Shui with Confidence™ is the first of its kind and teaches you that Feng Shui is so much more than moving furniture around or making your home pretty.  

Over the course of 8 weeks you will learn:

  • How scattered energy creates mistakes, worry, and doubt in your life.
  • What Yin and Yang are and how to use both correctly to create balance in your life. Think life balance is a myth?  Think again! 
  • Understand what Chi is and how you can create peace and happiness as a result of understanding it
  • What to do when you feel out of control and like everything is going wrong in your life
  • How to create a Honey Haven™ so that you rid yourself of toxic behavior and relationships in your life
  • How to use the Bagua Map and the steps to create a space of pure bliss in your home and life
  • How to use crystals the right way to boost creativity, and remove negative people from your life
  • The most important factor to your health and well being
  • How to create your own altar to attract peace and beauty into your life and home

Mastering Feng Shui With Confidence™ gives you everything you need to understand how you can use these sacred practices in a way that allows you to create real results in your life!

What's Included

Module 1 Building Blocks: 5 Key Concepts to Energy

Module 2 Building Blocks: 4 Concepts to Cultivating Self

Module 3 Building Blocks: 5 Key Concepts to Feng Shui

Module 4 The Bagua Map and 5 Element Constitution

Module 5: Floor Plans Demystified

Module 6: The Feng Shui Garden and Developing a Spiritual Practice to Enhance Your Shui

Module 7: Everyday Floor Plan Adjustments

Module 8: Real World Application

I am a very non woo person. This course was easy to understand and I was able to apply the principles immediately. Plus the course is put together beautifully! — Kendrick, Entreprenuer
I loved this course. I've tried learning Feng Shui for years on my own and now realize how confused I really was - no wonder I wasn't getting results! Amanda has an easy, understandable approach and she is a teacher at heart. — Karen,
I cannot thank Amanda enough for this course. It's been life-changing to learn the right way to use these tools. Small shifts are happening all around me and I feel empowered that I created it! — Cherie, Mom
Amanda's no BS approach to feng shui is refreshing. She makes it easy to grasp and implement. I tried for years to understand it and after taking this course, I realized I was completely wrong in my approach. If you want to understand how Feng Shui really works, signup for this course. — Leslie, graphic designer