Love and Joy - how to process grief and honor healing in 2020

Love and Joy - How to process grief and honor healing in 2020

In this workshop astrologer Sharita Star and I share what to expect with the energies coming in over the summer and how to utilize Feng Shui tools to help you heal with ease and grace.

*90 minute video with Sharita star and myself talking about astrology and Feng Shui

*tools and tips on how to manage and process the various emotions that will be triggered

*how to utilize your home to help you transmute fear, grief and sadness and turn it into love and happiness

*how to prepare and cultivate your own Chi to stay grounded and mindful

* includes a powerful PDF from Sharita on what this retrograde means for you and an eBook from Amanda on how to use the quintessential Feng Shui tool, the Bagua Map to power up your homes energy centers

What's Included

Love and Joy Video

Astrology PDF and Feng Shui eBook