How to Navigate Fall 2020 Gracefully

In this workshop, astrologer Sharita Star and I talk about the shifting energies going on this fall and how to manifest peace at home using Feng Shui.

Astrologer Sharita Star and I team up once again to help you navigate fall 2020 with grace. You'll learn about the big energy shifts about to occur in the sky, what to expect as we enter three more retrogrades and I'll show you how to combine astrology with Feng Shui tools to manifest peace and balance within your home. What's included:

  • 90 Minute video
  • Mars retrograde guide
  • Astrology resources
  • Feng Shui guide on how to use the energy going on in the sky to enhance your health at home

What's Included

How to navigate fall 2020 gracefully (video)