How to Create a Happy, Healthy, Home With Feng Shui

Learn how to create a happy, healthy, home with Feng Shui! The perfect course if you're brand new to Feng Shui! Module 1 available immediately after purchase.

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Feng Shui will show you how to transform your life for the better, and give you tangible tools to heal your home. I’ve taught hundreds of women how to create a healthy home of their own with my proprietary system that’s easy to understand and easy to implement. 

Here’s the thing, I know that what you crave is a beautiful, comfortable, living space. You work hard and give to so many people in your life and you believe in living a rich, full, healthy lifestyle. But lately things haven’t felt so full have they? You’ve been feeling overwhelmed, you’re tired, and you’re home isn’t the haven it used to be.  

There’s that one area of your life that is feeling heavy, cluttered, tight, and the more you try to “figure it out” the worse it feels. The worse you feel. 

You may be experiencing 

  • Going to a soul sucking job that makes you want to scream. 
  • A physical illness that is wreaking havoc on your body and making everything seem difficult
  • The ever mounting pile of debt, from surprise tax bills to just the cost of living every day
  • Feeling fatigued, unsatisfied, restless and stuck
  • Trouble with the most important relationships in your life and it’s killing you emotionally

Many women are feeling just like you and after twenty years of studying this tool I can assure you the solution isn’t to try harder, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, or ignore these feelings.

I know what you’re thinking.  “Wait Amanda you are an award-winning interior designer, what do you know about the solutions to my issues?”

You’re going to be surprised at just how connected you and your home are. Your living space and what you’re experiencing are directly related to your health and well-being. When they are out of balance everything is off, but when they are in sync you’ll experience a living space that can bring you happiness, health, and harmony. 

Imagine waking up each day feeling 

  • More energy than you have had in years, ready to take on the world
  • Suddenly discovering an extra way to bring in 50k with ease (yes it’s possible)
  • So in love with your kids, your partner, and those who are important to you that you’re amazed relationships can feel this fun, exciting, and happy. 
  • Total peace, ease, and fulfillment from your new dream job

Listen, everything is energy and connected, everything.  You’ve learned this in some of the inner work you’ve done over the past few years as your mind has expanded to accept newer solutions that you once would have ignored. 

▲ Are you ready to create a home for yourself and your family that promotes good energy and positivity?    

▲ Are you ready to take inspired action with your home and life?

▲ Are you ready to live an open life full of happiness?

▲ Are you ready to create a home that supports financial abundance?


Over the past 20 years I’ve had the pleasure of helping high-end clients create living spaces that create a happier, healthier, home that’s beautiful and has a healing magic about it. The good news is now you can do the same!

My high-end clients pay six figures for our design services but I understand that not everyone can afford those prices but everyone deserves to experience the magic of a happy, healthy home™.

Combining twenty years as an award-winning interior designer and ongoing learning of Feng Shui principles is the key to unlocking the magic in your home. 

Now I know what you’re thinking.  WHAT THE HECK IS FENG SHUI? And how can it help me?  In the simplest of terms it’s a tool that anyone can use to improve their health, wealth and vitality.

Feng Shui offers a unique way to enhance the overall quality of your life, happiness, wealth, and balance that most of us struggle to achieve.

What if you could enhance your life, lower or rid yourself of stressors, create a sense of balance that the entire world seems to be starving for? 

  • You deserve balance.  
  • You’re worthy of health. 
  • You deserve happiness. 
  • You’re worthy of wealth. 

That’s the exact reason I created How to Achieve a Happy, Healthy, Home™ With Feng Shui, to take you from stressed, feeling ill, experiencing poor relationships and finances headed in the wrong direction, to waking up each day full of gratitude, hope, energy, promise, wealth, health, and joy.

For the first time ever you have the opportunity to learn the basics of Feng Shui that my clients pay six figures for so you too can have a healing environment that you love to come home to each night.


Module 1 - Course outline, How to create a harmonious home with Feng Shui ebook and welcome video

Module 2 - The 5 elements ebook, The Bagua map, 5 Key Concepts of Feng Shui Video

Module 3 Bagua map instructions ebook, Beginners guide to Feng Shui ebook, Bagua Map Essentials video

Module 4 Top 5 Disruptors and how to spot a problem in your own home workbook, Top 5 disruptors video

Module 5 Top 3 adjustments ebook, Top three adjustments and how to apply them in your home Video

Module 6 Feng shui checklist to get your Feng Shui right, Putting it all together video, Feng Shui in play video

Module 7 Beginners guide to House blessing crystal grids by crystal grid expert Bunmi Aboaba [free BONUS]

Over 7 weeks, you will be guided through each Feng Shui lesson. 

Each week you'll receive a recorded teaching module, video, and workbooks. Believe me when I tell you I want you to have all the resources you need to feel successful!


▲ 6 Weekly Modules

▲ Videos each week

▲ Teaching Videos

▲ Workbooks and eBooks

▲ Bonus 12 page crystal grid workbook from Crystal Grid expert, Bunmi Aboaba

Module 1 immediately available after purchase. Module 2-7 released weekly after that.

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What's Included

Module 1 - How to Achieve a Happier Home With Feng Shui

Module 2 - Feng Shui Building Blocks - The 5 Key Concepts

Module 3 - Bagua Map Essentials

Module 4 - The Top 5 Disruptors Screwing up Your Shui

Module 5 - Top 3 Adjustments to Fix Your Feng Shui

Module 6 - Feng Shui in Play, How to Apply Everything We've Learned

Module 7 - BONUS Sacred House Blessing grid + Garden Crystals

This course taught me to pay attention to my inner feelings. They know, so pay attention and don’t stuff them down. If I do Im ignoring my homes bad feng shui. — Miranda, Office manager
I had no idea how much my floor plan was impacting my life and relationships. There's drugs, there's therapy and there's Feng Shui. Thank you so much for this course Amanda, it’s changed my life! — Carol, Attorney
Such a well addressed course touching on everything truly important in our lives. Thank you! I enjoyed this so much! — Shirley, Secretary
I learned that I haven’t been paying attention! I learned the importance of setting clear intentions so I can achieve a happy healthy home for my family. That is a home that feels welcoming. I think my career will thrive now and I'm going to get over some pretty big obstacles now that Ive taken this course! — Samantha , Energy healer
The use of the bagua map and its meaning attached to the spaces in my home, OMG, everyone needs to know this! Without these tools I ignored so many feelings that were screaming that my feng shui was off. Thank you, thank you Amanda for these tools! — Carla, Attorney
Wow after taking this course my head is spinning. So much good info! I'm going to focus on my bedroom - it is the only personal space I have and I'm going to be very intentional with my space so that the feng shui is right and it feels nice! I’ve been feeling stuck for over a decade and now I know why! — Cherie, Gardener
Drops of water on a stone… Reminds me of the word “broken” and how undesirable areas of my home are probably wearing me down without me realizing it. Thank you for all these tools! The 5 disruptors has changed the way I view my home and relationships! — April, Health administrator
Fantastic is all I can say. Just learning to get the vibes right girl! How can you deny those positive vibes? Learning this has changed my life! — Jasmine, Tatoo artist
I consider myself a fairly boring person. I see things in black and white and never considered taking a course like this, until one day nothing was working. I just felt stuck and grumpy all the time. My friend Stephanie suggest I see Amanda. Everything she said resonated with my situation. Before I knew it I was signing up for this course and its the best damn decision I ever made! Thank you! — Carol, Business Owner
I enjoyed this course a lot and appreciated your knowledge; especially all the videos, that gave a ton of extra value to the entire course. To have an instructor like you is so valuable to truly understanding this language, so thanks for that! Tremendous value! — Alejandra , Designer