Easy, Everyday Habits To Be More Eco-Friendly

*NEW BOOK* Easy, Everyday Habits to be More Eco-Friendly eBook


Easy, Everyday Habits to be More Eco-Friendly

What Will You Leave Behind For The Next Generation? 

Thirty percent of the world's population consumes more resources than any other time in history. It’s your obligation to learn how to care for and leave an earth worth inhabiting. 

This book will cut to the chase, teach you the facts and get you on the road to sustainable recovery so that we all can become responsible stewards of this beautiful planet we all call home.

Did you know that Americans consume 500 million straws EVERY day?  Now imagine all the plastic in the world and what that looks like on a global scale!

I know what you’re thinking, take care of the earth, I barely have time to take care of myself 

and my family!

You’re not alone. Millions of us are swept up in the daily to-dos of living so being a good steward of our planet is just one more thing to do. Sure, we want to be responsible but we also have so much on our mind's as it is! How can you possibly do more?

Think ONE little thing won't matter?

Don't think you have the TIME?

Have no idea where to START?

But imagine if just a few of your daily habits did make a big impact!

They do!

What if changing how you think about your habits saves you time?

Because it will!

Imagine if making a difference fires you up and gives you meaning?

It does!

It’s time you learned how to easily add in eco-friendly habits into every action and decision you make. Because, today's decisions affect tomorrow. 

The best part is the tips shared in this book show you how, and are easy to implement without feeling like a chore. Plus, it's great to get the kids involved too!

The cold hard truth:

It's no secret, seventy-five percent of all Americans are unhappy. 

Many strive to find happiness by consuming more, which harms our earth. 

Eighty percent of all our trash ends up in landfills and in our oceans.

And despite the world being covered by 70% of water, only 2% is consumable. 

Of that 2% only 1% is accessible. 

If we continue at our current rate, Mama Earth will be unable to keep up and we will run out of consumable water in just 100 short years. 

Every day the average family in the U.K consumes 1000 gallons of water. 

In the U.S the average family consumes 700 gallons per day. 

Still think your daily habits don't matter? Think again.

In Africa the average family household consumes only 5 gallons of water a day.

And 99% of all trash in Sweden is recycled.

Thirty percent of the world's population consumes more resources than any other time in history. It’s your obligation to learn how to care for and leave an earth worth inhabiting. 

I love Mama Earth and know that after reading this book you're going to see this planet in a new light and rekindle your love affair with this place we all call home.

 Learning these easy to implement techniques are important because when you step up to your responsibility and make small changes, the world will change fro the better. 

Through the techniques in this book you can make a difference!


  • We've all heard about global warming and climate change.
  • We all know that we should be doing something, but where do you start? 
  • How do you do it?
  • And will my small steps really matter?

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, this book is all about getting you over the hump to living a more sustainable life in an easy to manage way. Rather than approaching it as yet another chore, you’ll learn some mind bending statistics that will make you think twice. 

  • Learn why small everyday eco-steps matter and how your choices add up
  • Go on a journey to better understand what eco-friendly is and is not
  • Discover how many of your bad habits start at home, and how to fix them
  • See how to create eco habits that turn into a lifestyle
  • Find out how to ease into Zero-Waste Living
  • Uncover random acts of Sustainability
  • And how to bring it all together to live a more balanced life

Easy, Everyday Habits to be More Eco-Friendly, allows you to get started with simple step-by-step plans, making it easy for you to get started with ease and make massive impact. 

Never have I been more proud of something that I have created than when I wrote this book. I'm fired up and can't wait to share with you all of these amazing tools. No matter your interest, or where you are on your eco journey, you can do this!

You're going to learn how to be more eco-friendly in your everyday habits with this easy step-by-step guide that shows you how!

Easy, Everyday Habits To Be More Eco-Friendly is a simple, how-to guide that gives you the facts along with easy to implement habits to start shifting your disposable mindset today.

In addition, you'll receive two free audios, one with Sustainability expert Julie Kearns, and one with Bea Johnson, best selling author of the book Zero Waste Living.

Being an environmentalist is a huge passion of mine. For years I've been learning, teaching and writing about this great planet of ours. For over a decade I've been finding incredible ways to ease sustainability into every action and decision I do, and now you can do the same. 

I'm so excited about this book. I've spent a lot of time researching new ways to make sustainability easy to implement and fun to do, without it feeling like a chore!

This book will show you how!

Are you ready!?

Let's do this!


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Easy, Everyday Habits to be More Eco-Friendly eBook

Learn how to add eco into your everyday habits the easy way! Without the shame, judgment or guilt, this book shows you how!

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I consider myself to be a pretty savvy environmentalist. I even reuse my tea leaves! But I was shocked by many of the facts in this book. It's well researched and brings forth a lot of new ideas that a lot of people don't consider. I was also grateful for the extensive list in chapter 7 of where to donate oddball things! — Jack, Retired
I really enjoyed this. So many things I never considered that I do every day. I'll tell you what, I no longer use straws! — Carol,
I couldn't believe I had never heard of #5 plastics. So much good info in this book and super easy to read. Loved the stories of your mum too! — Stacy,
I already consider myself quite the hippie but after reading Amanda’s latest book there is still so much that can be done. Whether you are just getting started in the world of sustainability or a tree hugging vet this book is for you. It’s loaded with tons of information and tips of how you can change even the smallest of ways for the better! If you love living on Mama Earth even the slightest you should be giving back to her in whatever ways you can. Big or small. — Amy,
I'm so glad that Amanda says that everything matters. I honestly didn't try because I figured it wasn't making a difference anyway. Thank you for this book. Super easy to read and shows how small things add up quickly, especially if we all chip in. — Jane,