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Elevate Yourself VIP Membership

A circle of like-minded individuals is not a luxury, it is essential to emotional and spiritual health. Our circle is sacred, private and warm. Each month Master healers Amy Wray and Amanda Gates choose a theme to help you raise your Chi and elevate your consciousness. We'll teach you new ways to define who you truly are. We will teach you how to Care for your Self to elevate your Chi, Educate your Self to raise your consciousness, and Elevate your Self to be your best every damn day.

How to Remove Negative Energy with Feng Shui

Our home's need to be cleansed regularly. Conversations, emotions, and daily events that take place in our homes, and offices, leave behind residual energy. As time goes by your home can feel dense and make it hard to breathe. It can also change your mood in an instant. How to remove negative energy with Feng Shui principles will teach you the principles of Chi, how to know when things are off and how to fix it!

Mastering Feng Shui With Confidence

* Next Course Enrollment Fall, 2019*

How to Attract Real Love Using Feng Shui Principles

This is like no other online course. After reading hundreds of floor plans that screamed lack of love, and intimacy and listening to my clients cry for help, I designed this course as the ultimate love solution! Whether you're looking for love or wanting to rekindle an existing relationship, we all want to attract more love in our life and this course shows you how. I'll teach you how to build intimacy, expand connection, boost romance, and increase communication using Feng Shui. Oh, la la!

How to Create a Happy, Healthy, Home With Feng Shui

Learn how to create a happy, healthy, home with Feng Shui! Module 1 available immediately after purchase!

Easy, Everyday Habits To Be More Eco-Friendly

*NEW BOOK* Easy, Everyday Habits to be More Eco-Friendly eBook